Friday, 17 February 2012

Workers and Foreig Talent

There is large diversity of people working in Singapore. There are lots of foreign talents but there are categorised into work permit holders which are given to low skilled workers and employment pass  for the professionals. The Malaysian workers , China workers, Indian workers etc form a large part of workforce.
These countries have a large pool of workers for ovrseas job placements.
The China workers are numerous and thy can be found in restaurants and factories. The Indian workers
work in factories and in skilled jobs in IT . The domestic workers are from nearby countries.

There is a large number of MNC (Multi National Company) and there is jobs for the large pool of foreign talent as well as the locals.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Night Life

There is life even in the night . If you staying in the HDB fkats you and come down to the coffeshop downstairs and buy coffee or tea even until in the early morning. Sometimes there football matches that you can watch ' live' but when the match is over is already about 5am and you say goodbye to your day and head back to sleep. The variety of food in the coffeeshop is sufficient and economical but if you are in the mood you can gead off down to the town area where there variety of nightlife.
There are the pubs and disco , as well as the KTVs.

Photo Pictures and liks to Singapore

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There are interesting places to stay in . If you can afford it you can live in those service apartment where the rent is almost $1500 to $2000. There are also option to rent a government flat which is cheaper at around for a $1200 for a 3 bedroom flat. This also depends on the area as the rent tends to be more expensive if you are nearer to town area.

There are few landlord that build numerous cubicles in there house so that they have lots of room to rent out students , workers and professional. I have not checked if it is legal to construct so may rooms and this is possible in bot private apartment and government flats as well.
Once I encountered a landlord who had 5 rooms in the ground floor and another 5 in the upper floor. The tenants had pay between $350 to $700 which is relative to size of the rooms they rent at the premises.
Usually , the tenants only rented for a few months as they signed for a six month contract and moved out because there problems using the bathroom esp. during the morning rush.
The best option is that you rent an apartment with group of friends and share the costs.

Schooling in Singapore

For a student in Singapore , you have many choices for your studies .
There is the primary , secondary and tertiary education which are conducted in the English medium.
Therefore , it is easier for students from foreign countries to assimilate into the education system.
There is the junior colleges which offer A levels and secondary schools that offers O level . The students
that are not academically inclined have the option to into vocational institutes (ITEs) after primary school or secondary school which will enable them to learn a trade.
The polytechnic and university falls into the tertiary education . However , the qualifications from polytechnics
offers diploma whereas the university offers degrees. 
Apart from these government institutions, there private colleges that provide courses relevant to the industry
and you can find many foreign students from Malaysia, Indonesia , China etc. enrolled in these colleges.